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10 November 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Title ;; elegant
Fandom ;; Prince of Tennis/Tales of the Abyss [AU-crossover]
Characters ;; Fuji Shuusuke, Jade Curtiss
Warnings ;; I can't write Jade's voice :(
Summary ;; in which nothing of importance is said and everything of importance is inferred. you do the math.
Dedication ;; Kosy fhroe, because it's her birthday and I made it in time kslfjsdl. I hope you had a good one, bby.

Whatever the case, the members of the Third tiptoe around the two furtively, until the ins and outs of deployment in the furthest regions of Grand Chokmah slowly grind the life out of even the most resilient rumours of the mill. And squad life goes on.Collapse )
Title ;; niou.exe
Fandom ;; Prince of Tennis [AU]
Characters ;; Yagyuu Hiroshi, Niou Masaharu
Warnings ;; I have precisely zero computer know-how. :D
Summary ;; The thing about living with a computer program is that he has access to your cookies. And Google.
Dedication ;; those douches on plurk. you know who you are :|

The discrepancy in routine, as rare as it is, is what prompts him to play spot the difference with his desktop until his cursor hovers unblinkingly over the black and white icon of a little hedgehog, curled up artistically to resemble a yin-yang balance, the quills arranged into a deceptively gentle curl that makes its merry way counterclockwise.Collapse )
Title ;; at the edge of the sidewalk
Fandom ;; Pandora Hearts/Persona 3
Characters ;; Xerxes Break and Minato Arisato
Warnings ;; Incoherence
Summary ;; What Break regrets and what Minato does. Post canon for all mediums, and crossover to the extreme.
Dedication ;; kalisona

Have a good one. <3

After all, with half an eye, there is only half the world to see, and that much, I assure, is all that is needed to be seenCollapse )
Title: when three teeth come knocking
Recipient: willowscry
Pairing/Characters: Yanagi/Yukimura/Sanada, Kirihara + Kirihara's wisdom teeth
Rating: pg-15, because of swearing
Warnings: Niou and Marui being boys, Kirihara's fantasies of knocking people's teeth out, and incoherent storytelling.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is most certainly not mine, and for that I think there are a lot of very happy people out there.
Summary: Kirihara needs to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Somewhere down the line, wisdom is pulled from his mouth and placed in the palm of his hand. Teeth metaphors ensue.
Notes: This is so very late. /)_(\ And I confess I can't do Yanagi/Yukimura/Sanada justice for my life. I hope this is all right.

Niou raises an eyebrow. “Ibuprofen? Sweet— House uses Ibuprofen.” A beat. “But just for the record, you’ll never be as cool as House. Nobody with seaweed for hair can compete with that motherfucker.”Collapse )
07 February 2011 @ 04:52 pm
Title ;; Monumentality
Fandom ;; Super Junior
Characters ;; Kui Xian Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi
Warnings ;; The cliche of all cliches x 7
Summary ;; This is why the pyramids were built.
Dedication ;; Aniki. :| Now go take your medication and sleep goddamn you.

I'm unashamed. Unashamed.

... sob

Or maybe it was just the fact that anyone’s voice would have sounded vaguely muffled from the other side of seven (or eight, but who was counting at this point?) comforters piled in a shape reminiscent of the pyramids of old.Collapse )
05 February 2011 @ 01:47 am
Title ;; Dreammaker
Fandom ;; Prince of Tennis
Characters ;; Tezuka Kunimitsu, Fuji Shuusuke, with appearances from the Seigaku ensemble + Yumiko
Warnings ;; Character death
Summary ;; There are those who dream, and there are those who live those dreams without ever having dreamed in their lifetime. It's when the dreamer is able to live their dream that an angel is born.
Dedication ;; Originally written for Aniki for her birthday in 2007. Has been revamped slightly for flow, but otherwise remains unchanged.

One day, he descended down to the Earth, and landed next to his star. He was pleased when Tezuka stopped playing his tennis to watch him.Collapse )
Title ;; The Land of the Lamplighters
Fandom ;; Prince of Tennis (the pokemon continuity)
Characters ;; Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Fuji Shuusuke and an oddish as stage prop
Warnings ;; Gratuitous use of the word 'lamp', 'Rome' and heavy references to Plato's allegory of the cave, which states that all that we see or touch in reality are but shadows on the wall of a cave -- mimicries that we must surpass by leaving the cave to grasp at the truth for ourselves. Or something like that.
Summary ;; Once upon a time, there was a single lamp standing in the darkness on the road to Rome. Fuji compares pokemon to tennis, and Shiraishi lights lamps.

Four-legged creatures did not like Fuji on principle. He realized this after the third giant rhino they met down the road made like its predecessors and charged at them like a bull in heat.Collapse )
Title ;; The Watercolor of Song
Fandom ;; Super Junior I kid you not
Characters ;; Kui Xian Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi
Warnings ;; None
Summary ;; The color of song is muted watercolor that seep into the paper like drowning.
Dedication ;; Aniki, because it's all her fault.

Only Aniki will get this one, because. Lol. I don't even.

/goes back to writing Jack/Glen sob

He wonders at the subtleties of indirect kisses, stolen treasures from the rims of coffee mugs and the sealed envelopes of letters, and wonders if it’s the same if he tastes Kyuhyun’s words on the tip of his tongue like so much cinnamon.Collapse )
Title ;; On Rules and Regulations
Fandom ;; Crossover AU (Pandora Hearts + Eureka Seven)
Characters ;; Dominic and Anemone, with Gulliver as stage prop
Warnings ;; Crack
Summary ;; Pandora!Dominic attempts to follow the proper rules of Chain courtship. Chain!Anemone is not amused.
Dedication ;; January, because it’s her birthday and I'm not forty minutes late. /o/

Haha I can't write Dominic and Anemone at all. sob.

And then he lowers his gun, because nobody during the Pandora orientation sessions ever mentioned the likelihood of being hit in the face with a sandal and the proper procedures one should take when such a thing happens, but he’s pretty sure that pointing a gun at them isn’t completely kosher.Collapse )